I take 500 years to decompose, can you handle that?


I and my plastic friends are being watched carefully these days. Everyone wants me in very high demand. You can meet me anywhere, markets, grocery stores, and other places. Recently, there are some reforms and people are trying to eliminate me.

Plastics like me are by-products of the petroleum process. In the early days, people see my potential in strength, elasticity, and durability. They use me to make various products, making me the hottest material ever. Later on, people start to discover the consequences that I’m posing. Damaging marine lives and contaminating water sources

Now everyone knows my secrets. They are trying to get rid of me. But did you know? Doing that is not an easy task. I have more than 500 years of lifespan. Do you want to burn me? The gas I make will be collected in the atmosphere, heating up the globe. Burying me also takes 500 years before I die. You know, I’m quite tough

Just recently I have a new competitor, an alternative that people are leaning towards. The biodegradable plastic. This guy is like my cousin made from petroleum waste and the microorganism process. This allows the plastic to be biodegradable. Some of them come from plants. I’m telling you, if all people used this plastic instead of me, I would be extinct in no time.